Yoga for Anxiety & Worry | Dr. Pramod Tripathi | Wow Wed Series | Power Practice 23

Yoga for Anxiety & Worry | Dr. Pramod Tripathi | Wow Wed Series | Power Practice 23

About the Session:

In this session, Dr. Pramod Tripathi demonstrates Yoga for Anxiety & Worry and guides us on how yoga can effectively help in managing anxiety and worry.

About Dr. Pramod Tripathi:

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, founder of Freedom from Diabetes, Pune.
People call him one wise brain, compassionate heart, and enlightening soul.
He is on a mission to make 100,000 Diabetics free of insulin and medicines.
He continuously spreads his knowledge so that many more become free soon!
His researchful, innovative, empathetic, scientific, and spiritual approach to human existence has empowered him to refill thousands of lives with the sweetness of joy and excitement.

How Freedom from Diabetes(FFD) works?

Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) is an organization that specializes in DIABETES REVERSAL and enables the creation of healthier families!
It has innovated a unique approach that consists of a four-pronged protocol of DIET, EXERCISE, INNER TRANSFORMATION, and MEDICAL that is perfected over years of research and hard work.

This protocol brings rather quick results and 7,000+ are free from diabetes medicines and 1,000+ from insulin completely.

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Join our First Online Session from the comfort of your home.
FFD’s ONLINE FIRST SESSION is the most important session for diabetics to open to the possibility of reversal.


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