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Hi! I’m Christina, and welcome to my yoga YouTube channel, ChriskaYoga! This is a 10 minute yoga sequence that you can do during work right in your office chair. You can actually do this in any kind of chair, and it’s a great way to destress and unwind during your work day.

We’ll begin the sequence by sitting up tall in your chair with your back up straight and feet planted on the ground. After a brief guided meditation, we’ll come into some neck and shoulder stretches to release tension.

We will then take a forward fold in our chair to release out your low back. To stretch out your whole body, we’re going to stand up from the chair (if you would like to) and reach all the way up looking towards your hands (utthita hastasana in tadasana), and we’ll also take a slight arch looking up and opening our chest.

Once done, we’ll sit back down and stretch our arms, and then we will come into a modified seated pigeon pose alternative stretching the glutes, thighs, and hips. After this, we will take a seated twist and side bend on both sides, and then take another short meditation sitting up tall in the chair.

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