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Choose your favorite social network and share our icons with your contacts or friends if you don`t have these social networks copy the link and insert it into the one you`re using Creating quality symbols takes a lot of time and effort. We`re just asking you to add a small attribution link. Select the means in which you want to use the resource. Your employer owes a tacit contractual obligation to clearly explain the effects of a change, for example. B a change in wages or working time. Create unlimited collections and add all the premium symbols you need. You can continue to enjoy The Flaticon Collections with the following restrictions: Use the “Collection Painting” feature and change the color of the entire collection or make it icon by icon. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. Money – Banking-Symbol set.

fillio series of black icons. Coche with crosses of symbols large collection. Ticks with crosses of different shapes and colors, isolated on a white background. Coche symbols and crosses in a simple modern flat design You can easily walk premium and use more than 3,673,000 icons without attribution. Access information here This icon has a gradient color and cannot be changed. Click on an icon you want to add to the collection. Vector illustration set Fine line symbols, business collection, human resources management If a workplace has a registered agreement, the price does not apply. However: You can save only 3 new symbols edited by collection as a free user. Update to save unlimited icons. Please indicate the problem that has been found. Thank you! Your employer should not violate equality legislation when changing contractual terms.

Advance advice can help your employer determine who is most likely to be negatively affected by the planned change and take steps to reduce this negative effect. Access more than 3,673,000 Premium Download resources, at any time, cancel whenever your employer has to behave reasonably when you change the terms of your contract, and you can`t let an employee execute the contract – for example, that requires an employee to move in the very short term without a fee charge.

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