Washington Accord Agreement

Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), often known as “agreements,” are non-governmental agreements made by organizations that accredit university programs. Engineers Canada is a bilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between Engineers Canada and ABET. It relates to accredited engineering programs in Canada and the United States. Engineers Canada Bilateral MRA helps determine whether engineering programs are recognized in Canada or the United States for licensing and registration, employment or admission to graduate school in the other country. The graduate attributes of the Seoul Accord identify the characteristics of graduates of all computer programs within the scope of the agreement. A signatory to the Seoul Agreement may identify additional attributes that distinguish certain programs accredited by the signatory. The World Council often receives requests from organizations outside the United States seeking technical assistance to develop or recognize their accreditation systems. Our services, which help academic agencies or organizations outside the United States develop quality assurance processes, are formalized under Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). Often, the underlying purpose of these applications is to prepare an accreditation agency or university authority to enter an international MRA such as the Seoul, Washington, Dublin or Sydney agreements. In many countries, the engineering profession is managed by an organization that provides engineering training standards. This responsibility is assumed, for example, by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) in Malaysia. The Washington agreement is an agreement between these engineering offices representing countries around the world. At the same time, the agreement maintains the standard of training engineers in engineering offices worldwide.

For a country to be part of the Washington agreement, they must ensure that their graduates meet the degrees of the agreement. Graduates are expected to be able to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering bases and technical specialization to solve complex technical problems. The Washington Agreement is an international accreditation agreement for bachelor engineering programs between accreditation bodies in the signatory countries and regions.

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