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This 20 minute yoga workout class is the first class of the Earth Element Series which focuses on the element of Fire! This fire Element Yoga class is the perfect way to provide your body with gentle detoxification by stimulating the digestive system through Kapalabati (breath of fire) breathing as well as detoxifying and body sculpting yoga asanas. Though-out this all levels yoga class for weight loss, we will work the core, fire up the lower body and allow your mind the opportunity to let go of any negativity and stress through intentional breathing technique and yoga postures that will promote the release of connective tissues and negative thought patterns.

During this yoga workout class for all levels, you will allow your mind and body to connect deeper inward, letting go of any worries or stressful thoughts and truly giving your mind and body the gift of mindful movement, detox, and healing. Enjoy and let it go!

Love & Light…
Juliana & Mark**

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