Yoga Practice for New Beginnings, Growth, and Evolution

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And now, let’s jam on NEW BEGINNINGS!

This is the theme of today’s yoga practice as we’re embarking on a brand new year, but it’s also the theme of every single day we experience. Our eyes open, our feet hit the ground, and a new beginning lies ahead.

But why do we miss this new opportunity so easily? Why do we gloss over the marvel that we’re alive for one more day? Why do we so easily discard that our hearts are still beating?

I’m asking this question more for myself, but I’m sure you can relate.

Here I am, having fulfilled so many large goals and life dreams, and yet…. I awake and quickly forget how incredible it is to even be here.

So while the new year is upon us and many new beginnings are unfolding (each in their own way), I want to use this space to honor the daily beginnings that lead to larger change.

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Now meet me on your mat, invite your mind into your body, and start this new beginning feeling clear, focused, and connected.

I’ll meet you there, xoxo

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