Xmind License Agreement

By using and/or visiting the website and/or linking them to files that are on another website accessible via the site, you grant both these Terms of Use and the XMind Privacy Policy (www.xmind.net/privacy.html) which is considered a reference. LICENCE COMPLEMENT: a complement to this software license agreement, which indicates each designated entity and any NG LOGIC program that must be authorized for use in that specific entity, including the designated user, the type of license (assessment or any commercial type), royalties and the duration of the licenses. An additional license can be signed in the License Key form with NG LOGIC RSA private key. An additional license may change the terms of a previous license arrangement, but not the terms of that software license agreement. Any licensed NG LOGIC program can only be used at any time on a clearly identified computer processor (node-locked license) as part of the design installation. NG LOGIC grants the taker a non-exclusive, non-transferable license from NG LOGIC. In the case of an evaluation license, the software can only be used for evaluation purposes. The licensee undertakes (i) not to modify, cancel, disassemble or rewrite an NG LOGIC program or to allow it to others (except to the extent that such a ban is contrary to current legislation); (ii) attempt to access or use parts of the NG LOGIC code for which the policyholder has not been licensed; or (iii) unless expressly authorized to market or transfer the NG LOGIC program. The licensee also undertakes not to remove or destroy proprietary trademarks or captions or encrypted license keys or similar security features placed on or included in an NG LOGIC program. NG LOGIC provides the licensee with a free trial license for all taxes and royalties for the period specified in a licence supplement.

Full commercial licenses are subject to payments in accordance with the current price list. These terms of use and all rights and licenses granted in this case cannot be transferred or awarded by you, but transferred or assigned without restriction by XMind. At the same time, we offer the LGPL as an XMind licensing option to licensees who deal with the incompatibility between EPL and GPL. Support for the duration of the license is provided at NG LOGIC`s sole discretion and may be linked to the payment of additional fees. For a full understanding of your rights and obligations under these licences, please see the full text of the EPL and/or LGPL and, if applicable, your lawyer. In the case of an evaluation licence, each NG LOGIC program can only be used by the licensee for the purpose of assessing the adequacy of the program to the applications proposed by the licensee. In order to avoid any doubt, all expenses generated from an NG LOGIC program, including templates, input files, images including screenshots, should not be used for commercial or research purposes, publications or presentations without the explicit written consent of NG LOGIC. All files provided by NG LOGIC and all editions generated from these files remain the property of NG LOGIC and should not be used for purposes other than internal analysis.

There is no explicit guarantee for the license. For licensees who wish to distribute XMind 3, modify the source code and/or create extensions, the EPL can be used to maintain the copyleft of the initial code base while encouraging innovation with commercial offers and other open-source offerings containing XMind. The Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL), available on www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html, and the LICENSE GeneralE GNU (LGPL), available on www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html. 4a Use Restrictions for a Rating License (as defined by the LICENCE COMPLEMENT) – To use XMindlook in the Eclipse installation, create the “dropins/xmindlook/eclipse/plugins” folder in the root of your Eclipse and install dropins/xmindlook/eclipse.

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