Union Collective Agreements Ontario

You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. Collective agreements are generally valid for two years, sometimes three and sometimes one. Before the contract expires, the union and employer will enter into negotiations for a renewal contract. Pdf online agreements. Searchable and searchable. Free. Quebec City Construction Commission. Current agreements by sector, in English. Free.

Ontario Hospital Association. Local collective agreements online, in alphabetical order by union name. Free. Procedures for the application of workers` rights are also defined in collective agreements. It is the union`s responsibility to enforce workers` rights by filing a complaint and, if necessary, pursuing the matter before arbitration. As a general rule, workers must apply for union representation to assert their rights when a complaint is rejected by their direct supervisor. The exact process of filing a complaint, and even the continuation of conciliation, varies in different collective agreements. For more information on appeal and arbitration procedures, see the appeal and arbitration procedure. For more information on collective agreements, visit the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development website. For federal affairs, see the Government of Canada`s public sector collective agreements website. If the employer and the union are unable to negotiate a collective agreement or cannot agree to an extension, the union may recommend that workers strike to put pressure on the employer.

There are complex rules in the Labour Relations Act that govern both the authorization process and the legal date of a strike. Employers can also “block” workers to put pressure on the union, but lockouts are in fact rare. British Columbia Labour Relations Board Latest AGREEMENTs in PDF format. Searchable, searchable by employer name. Free. As a general rule, the negotiation of the first collective agreement lasts up to six months. Negotiations on renewal agreements will also take a few months, but the old agreement will remain in force during negotiations. During the negotiation, employees are represented by an elected committee and a professional trade unionist employed for this purpose. The Collective Bargaining Services Unit collects, analyzes and distributes information on approximately 13,300 collective agreements in Ontario.

Collective agreements are agreements negotiated by unions and employers. Collective agreements provide certain conditions of employment for a group of workers called “bargaining unit” and represented by a union. The collective agreement defines the rights of workers and the union. Therefore, any union relationship generally results in a collective agreement. In rare cases where a collective agreement cannot be negotiated, the union will cease to represent the workers, either by renouncing their rights or because the workers are terminating the union`s representation rights. British Columbia Government and Service Employees Union. Copies of provincial master`s contracts for B.C government employees and public sector employees. Free. It is important that these measures, if implemented in accordance with the temporary injunction, can be taken independently of legal, legal and unconventional provisions (including dismissal, seniority or shock provisions) or of another agreement or agreement that might otherwise prohibit or restrict a health service or health care provider.

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