The Portable Keep-Fit Routine

One of the things that makes yoga so popular is its simplicity. Not only is it relatively easy to do once you are into the swing of things, and inexpensive to practise, it is also fantastically simple to “put down and take up again”. If, for example, you are on holiday or working away from home, there should be no problem in finding a local yoga class. The tempo and feel of the class may be different from what you have gotten used to, but it should pose no problems.

If you do have to miss a class at your local studio while you are away, then it may be an idea to check ahead of time to see what is available where you will be going. A quick internet search involving the search term “yoga classes [name of town you will be in]” should really tell you all you will need to know. Then you can just show up – ideally a little early, so you can explain you’re on holiday or business in the town and didn’t want to miss your yoga.

As well as the above tips, another wise move is to prepare for something a little different. Many yoga classes in Europe and on the Asian subcontinent will be conducted largely in Sanskrit – the ancient Indian language that informs much of the yoga practised all over the world. Just learning the names of the poses will be fine – the rest of the class will usually be either in English or extraneous for your purposes.

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