The Mysticism Of Yoga – A Necessary Part Of The Plan?

One thing that is well known about yoga is that the exercises are informed by principles of meditation, and that for many people the exercises and the meditation go hand in hand. The idea of inner strength on a spiritual and physical level is one that will catch the attention of lots of people. Is it, however, fully necessary for the person who is just trying to keep fit to use the meditative aspect of yoga? Or is that aspect just an add-on which, while useful, is not for everyone?

It is undeniable that meditation is a part of yoga. However, it is far from being a necessity. Many people do find that repeating a mantra while they do the exercises helps them to clear their mind and focus on the exercises – that it rids their minds of the everyday stresses and strains which return again and again to prey on your mind as you seek to relax into the exercises. What you choose as a mantra is up to you – although out of respect to the other people in a class, it is wise to keep it quiet if it is silly or vulgar.

If you have no trouble clearing your mind, then there is no real reason you need to even have a mantra. The main thing is that you really do the exercises fully, experience the process and feel the good that it is doing. Once you have that side of things down, the rest is simply a matter of waiting for the benefits of yoga to truly come through. It will benefit your physical, mental and emotional strength – something which cannot be said for every exercise regime.

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