The Etiquette of a Yoga Class

Going in to a new situation is always a little bit worrying, no matter how confident you are in yourself. There’s always the worry that you won’t be wearing the right things, that you won’t know the rules, that you’ll make a mistake that might not officially be a ‘rule’ but is an unspoken agreement. For some people, this fear of making ‘beginner’ mistakes is enough to totally put them off doing things they want to do.

Exercise classes are always difficult to join, and can make even the most self assured person feel uncomfortable. Yoga classes all the more so, as one is almost lead to believe you will be approaching a zen-like situation in which you are expecting to close your eyes and hum and all other manner of Hollywood-inspired practices. If you have concerns about a yoga class, all you need is a brief etiquette in yoga. It’s really very simple, and will make the classes more enjoyable.

Yoga is primarily taught in silence, with only the Yogi (the person leading the class) regularly speaking. However, if you’re having any questions or queries – and particularly if you’re feeling uncomfortable – then you are perfectly within your rights to ask for guidance. Do so by raising your hand, it may feel childish but it’s polite.

By and large, the class itself and your instructor should be your sole focus. Be polite, and within time you will adapt to the natural rhythm of the class, and fit in just fine.


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