Yoga For Stiff Shoulder And Neck | Yoga For Beginners | Yoga For Upper Body | Cultfit

This Yoga For Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief from CultFit is the perfect workout for beginners to relieve neck and shoulder pain. Say yes to healthy living with CultFit. Download the Cultfit app to access more such content – Check out our Yoga Workout playlist by Cult Fit: Subscribe to Cult Fit channel […]

Yoga For Chronic Pain | Yoga With Adriene

Join me for this 25 min practice that you can do on a mat or seated in a chair! Chronic pain can play a large role in the mind-body relationship. Regular at-home yoga is a great tool to help with the daily functions of those suffering from chronic pain. This gentle yoga practice helps you […]

Yoga For Text Neck | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga for Text Neck offers an all levels feel good practice to counteract the effects of phone and computer use. Spending time on the phone can cause your muscles to shorten or over strain the neck, shoulders causing spine to round. Bookmark this yoga practice to restore the natural curve of your spine, to realign […]