Yoga and Meditation β€” Morning Flow

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Hot Yoga and CONTORTION, flexibility, Total Body Stretch – Flexibility Exercises

Yoga Hot Beautiful Contortion Split Stretch Flexibility Legs μš”κ°€ ν•« μ•„λ¦„λ‹€μš΄ λ’€ν‹€λ¦Ό λΆ„ν•  슀트레치 μœ μ—°μ„± 닀리 Send us your Yoga profile or video Website: #yoga #μš”κ°€ #flexibility #stretch #legs #contortion #ヨガ #splits Thank for watching !


Heeeey Guys!! This week we are in Bali with our good friends Soph and Nakita! We decided to do the Extreme Yoga challenge at our Bali Villa! Be ready for some tricky ones! Who do you think will win? We hope you enjoy watching! Teagan & Sam xo To see more of our adventures in […]


This week I collabed with the amazing Rybka Twins! We did the extreme yoga challenge and had a random stranger (Zak) judge the poses! Buy my new Merch! β–Ί Check out the Rybka Twins! β–Ί The Rybka Twins video of me πŸ™‚ Follow my new Spotify playlist! β–Ί Subscribe to get my […]


Shop the links below for the looks in todays video! Gymshark are going to be having a HUGE sale starting on the 3rd of June at 7am PST/12am AEST/3pm BST. Gymshark never have sales and this time their whole website is going to be on sale with up to 70% off while stocks last! Don’t […]

Alo Yoga Haul – Spring 2019 Line

New Alo might just be my favourite thing ever! Here’s all my favs from the new line πŸ™‚ to choose your favourites too! X

Ashtanga Yoga – easy stretching for cooling down The finishing sequence of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Featured asanas: Salamba Sarvangasana, halasana, karnapidasana, urdvah padmasana, pindasana, mathsyasana, uttana padasana, sirsasana, baddha padmasana, yoga mudra Music: Diamond Ortiz

Yoga – stretching to maintain spine flexibility To keep your back healthy you have to move it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. This is my daily routine to maintain the flexibility of my back. Check it out and be inspired to make your spine sing. Music: Diamond Ortiz

SAM VS TEAGAN Single YOGA challenge TWIN vs TWIN!

Hey YouTube Fam! In todays video we go head to head to see who’s got what it takes to win the ultimate single yoga challenge! Who do you thinks going to win? See if you can guess correctly before we complete the challenge! We hope you really enjoy the video! Lots of love! Teagan & […]