Something To Meditate Upon

Whether or not you are religious, and whether or not you are spiritual, there are genuine benefits to meditation, and involving it in your yoga regime can really pay off big-time if you are stressed, depressed or concerned about anything. While meditation is a big part of yoga for those who are spiritual, there is a way of meditating that is entirely separate from any “bigger questions”, as it were. Should you wish to, you can simply choose to meditate on a positive thought. The more you do this, the more positive thinking will become a habit.

Say, for example, that you have been suffering from stress for a while. The one thing you will most want to meditate upon will be calm – you will want a sense of inner calm upon which to meditate. Let this be your focus, and take a seat with your legs crossed somewhere quiet. Close your eyes, relax, and repeat your focus word on the exhalation as you breathe slowly and naturally.

If your mind wanders, do not let it drag you away, just don’t engage the thoughts. Let your mind wander back to you. By doing this you enable your mind to stay concentrated on what you are meditating upon. The optimum duration for a spell of meditation is considered to be between ten and twenty minutes, but if you have nothing pressing to be getting on with, then you can go a few minutes over without worrying about it. After all, this s all about clearing your mind of worry.

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