Slack Developer Agreement

These terms of use remain valid until the customer`s subscription expires or expires for you, or until your access to the Services is terminated by the customer or us. Please contact the Customer if you wish to terminate your account at any time or for any reason, including if updates to these Terms of Use or Terms of Use are refused. The client has given separate consent to our client terms or has entered into a written agreement with us (in both cases the “contract”) that allowed the client to create and configure a workspace so that you and other EU members (access to services, including you, is an “approved user”). The contract contains our obligation to provide services to the customer, who can then invite authorized users to join his work areas. If an authorized user (including you) transmits content or information to the Services, such as messages or files (“customer data”), you recognize and accept that the customer`s data is held by the customer and that the contract offers the customer many possibilities and control over that data. For example, the Customer may provide or impose access to the Services, enable or disable third-party integrations, manage permissions, maintain and export settings, transfer or assign work areas, free up channels, or consolidate your workspace or channels with other work areas or channels, and these options and instructions can lead to access, use, disclosure, modification or removal of certain customer data or customer data. Please visit our help center pages for details on our various service plans and options available to the customer. You grant us the right to use your company name and logo as a reference for marketing or promotional purposes on our website and in other public or private communications with our existing or potential developers and customers, subject to your standard branding policies provided to us from time to time. Unless otherwise stated, all communications are made as part of the e-mail contract, although we may choose to inform the customer of the services (. B, for example, a Slackbot notification).

Communications to Slack are sent to, with the exception of legal communications, such as information or any request for termination that must be addressed to In the case of e-mail communications, communications are considered regular (a) the day after they are sent; and (b) on the same day, in the case of service communications. Individuals based in certain countries, including the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, have certain legal rights regarding their personal data.

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