Morning Mantra Yoga | Tone It Up Tuesday!

Join us at for a new yoga routine!

Today I’m sharing a very special routine — one that’s so close to my heart. As you may already know, yoga has been incredibly transformative for me and Karena. We both decided to go through teacher training to dive deeper into our practice and so we could share our experience with you!

Today’s workout is a beautiful morning mantra yoga routine, all about setting your intentions for the day ✨ It’ll tone and strengthen your entire body and lengthen those gorgeous muscles! As you come to your mat, create a soothing environment for yourself ~ set up candles, dim the lights, or maybe take your practice outside. Take a moment to turn inward and feel your heartbeat. Focus on your breath as you set your intentions for the day! Think of three words — two words for yourself and one word for someone else in your life. These words could be love, courage, compassion, creativity, vitality, energy, nourishment, acceptance, or patience.

After you finish this routine, take some time to reflect. Journal your intentions, share with a girlfriend, or check in with us on Instagram to let us know how you feel! And share your intentions for the day in the comments and on Insta@ToneItUp #ToneItUpTuesday ~ I’d love to hear them!

This workout is part of the full class available today (and anytime On Demand!) in your Studio Tone It Up App! Join the Studio at to start your free 7-day trial! See ya in class!

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