Jcb Service Agreement

Terms and conditions- The prices displayed already include the 10% discount. Excludes any DSG or other transmission oil changes. During normal opening hours on site in the store. Subject to conditions, does not include xenon projectors, sealed units or indoor lights. Refers only to free MOT tests. Must be concluded in the JCB Group branch. No refund for MOTTs that have been concluded elsewhere. ^^ VAT, excluding $25 administrative fees. JCB PowertrainCover – JCB Extended Warranty Pack JCB PowertrainCover protects the core of your machine for up to 5 years or 10,000 hours (depending on the model).

Everyone wants to reduce the risk and no one likes these unexpected bills, so it`s worth protecting against possible failures on the most important components of your machine. JCB PowertrainCover is valid while your machine is restarted by a licensed JCB dealer, which keeps your equipment in excellent working condition. For wheeled machines, the following themes are covered: auxiliary motors and generators, axle groups, transmission group, hydraulic pump (if any) and all associated interior vehicles. For chain machines are covered: engines and auxiliaries, swivel engine, swivel gearbox, track engines, hydraulic pump and all associated interior vehicles. At Holt JCB, we pride ourselves on our global reputation for high quality products, excellent JCB service and unparalleled know-how. With a JCB service contract, you can plan and manage your machine maintenance budget, with the certainty that your machine will get the best support available with added value through a complete service history. All service intervals are time-based (for example. B every 500 hours or 6 months), and as with Sure Price Servicing, only genuine JCB lubricants and filters as well as professionally trained engineers are used to ensure you maximize productivity, performance and profitability for the duration of machine ownership. You can set up a service contract at the time of purchase of the machine or at any later date, as these agreements offer a high degree of flexibility. Safe Price Service – With Sure Price Service, you simply pay for quality service, just like you need it without a fixed contract. The “all-inclusive” package covers all workers (with professionally trained engineers), JCB lubricants, JCB fats, JCB filters and all the other JCB parts that are required by the service plan – so see what you get, unsurprisingly. All products used during a price service are real JCB parts, liquids and lubricants designed to maintain the performance of our machine and offer good value for money.

In addition, we will also check the main functions of your machine to ensure that it continues to provide maximum performance, productivity and profitability. These agreements offer a high degree of flexibility: you can set up a service contract at the time of purchase of the machine or at any later date. The plan is available to all customers who purchase a used car or a new or registered pickup truck or who have recently serviced their car or pickup truck in a subsidiary of the JCB Group.

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