Full Body Yoga Workout ♥ Weight Loss & Toning Mountain Bootcamp | 4000m

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This 20 minute Yoga Workout practice filmed up in the clouds of Nepal is all about waking up your body from the inside out. Through working with a combination of abdominal exercises, lower body toning exercises, cardio flow to stimulate your metabolism, and yoga postures that will wake up your digestive system allowing you to burn calories even after the class is completed. This Yoga Workout for all levels is the perfect way to begin your day. Have no time for the gym? This class is the perfect alternative to your gym workout but with so much more benefit as it not only challenges every part of your body but it allows you to connect deeper with your breath, your mind, and your inner self.

If at any point this practice becomes challenging, feel free to take a break, slow down the pace, or take any modification that you need.

So if you’re ready to sweat, breathe, and tone….roll out that mat and join us.

Love & Light…
Juliana & Mark**

Location: Mardi Himal Trek, Nepal

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#bohobeautiful #YogaWorkout #YogaForWeightLoss

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