Best Yoga For You | A Wonderful Yoga Class In Magical Tibet

Best Yoga For You | Boho Beautiful Yoga
This 15 minute yoga class is best explained simply as a wonderful yoga class for you. It’s a perfect for morning stimulation or evening wind down, and it is a great stretch for sore muscles. Not too easy and not too hard, this peaceful and grounded yogic journey is a great class for almost anyone of any level and stage in their yoga journey that is looking to release general stress, tension, and anxiety out of their physical body as well as their mental state of being. This yoga class is for everyone and anyone that is looking to unwind after a stressful day or needs a way to find grounding and centering before they start their day. So this is a great morning and evening gentle yoga practice that will leave you feeling open, flexible, and more relaxed.

While remaining with your conscious breath & awareness through each movement, this yoga class will have you moving through different hip, hamstrings, and glute postures to increase flexibility and release tension within.

Remember to be patient with your body and never force any posture. This yoga class is intended to make you feel great and relaxed by the end. Do your best and never force anything. Simply surrender to the idea that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and that with time, patience, dedication, and hard work your body will naturally respond and increase in flexibility, strength, and fluidity.

So roll out that mat and have fun.

Namaste xx


Location: Tibet
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