A Breath Of Cool, Fresh Air

Most of us have a similar problem with our home country’s climate. In the winter, we are often cold no matter what we do to try and fix it, yet when summer arrives it becomes unbearably hot, and this can affect our sleep, our mood and several things in between. As well as a few cooling glasses of water, one excellent way to lower the temperature is a yogic exercise known as the Cooling Breath.

The exercise begins with the subject sitting in a cross-legged position which can be held comfortably. To prepare for any breathing exercise, it is a good idea to breathe in and out, deeply, through the nose about three times. Then you roll your tongue into a tube and stick it out through pursed lips (if you cannot roll your tongue, don’t worry – simply make an “O” shape with your mouth.

You then inhale slowly through the tube that you have made with your tongue. When you come to exhale, exhale through your nose. Repeating this process between five and ten times will make your body begin to cool down quickly. It really works – although if you are in a crowded office you may receive one or two funny looks. Don’t worry about them – they will simply be annoyed that you are feeling cool as a cucumber while they sweat it out. This exercise was developed in India, where the people know a thing or two about keeping cool in hot weather. Try it for yourself and see.

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