5 Simple Asana Practices by S VYASA with Heartfulness Meditation | Yoga for Unity and Wellness

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YOGA for Unity and Well-being – 100-day towards IDY 2021″ is a
comprehensive Yoga program ready will be launched on 14th of March
with contribution & collaborations from AYUSH, SVYASA,
Patanjali, AUI (Associations of Indian Universities), with Shri Ram
Chandra Mission. The United Nations has also joined the effort to
promote this program.

Starting from 14th March through 21st June 2021, we will have the
program run for 100 days prior to the International Day of Yoga 2021
(IDY). On the 21st of June 2021, we will be celebrating IDY in a big way
for national and international guests and the 100 days, the initiative will
conclude with a participation certification ceremony.

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