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“Heartfulness techniques of meditation are taught in more than 130 countries in the world by certified Meditation Trainers who volunteer their time to teach and support seekers free of any charge. Heartfulness is the public face of the the Shri Ram Chandra Mission founded in 1945 by Shri Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur in memory of his Guru, Pujya Shri Ram Chandraji of Fatehgar. Heartfulness meditation is a heart-based meditation with the help of transmission and is introcuded in corporates, universities, schools, government offices, villages and hospitals.

The Heartfulness Yoga School was created in 2017 to allow yoga teachers and practitioners a direct and simple approach to meditation. Heartfulness Yoga classes and training allow a complete training in Yoga, encompassing the 8 steps of Patanjali’s ashtanga Yoga, from the Yama Niyama to Samadhi. Marion Marceau has been practicing Heartfulness for 25 years and is a certified Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. She is also a Lead Trainer in Yoga certified by the SIvananda School in 2015. Amar Srividya is an experienced Yoga teacher who certified in the Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda and Vinyasa style. He practices Heartfulness and teaches as a Lead Trainer in the Heartfulness Yoga School.”
If you want to know more about Heartfulness Yoga School programs, visit: https://www.heartfulness.org/yoga

If you want to know more about Heartfulness meditation, please visit: www.heartfulness.org
Or connect for an individual meditation session, free of charge: https://hfn.link/bookfreesession

YOGA for Unity and Well-being – 100-day towards IDY 2021” is a
comprehensive Yoga program launched on 14th of March
with contribution & collaborations from AYUSH, UN (Information Center) SVYASA,
Patanjali, AUI (Associations of Indian Universities), with Shri Ram
Chandra Mission.

The program runs for 100 days prior to the International Day of Yoga 2021
(IDY). On the 21st of June 2021, we will be celebrating IDY in a big way
for national and international guests and the 100 days.

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