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Nike sneakers, Lululemon: America's new economy | Reuters Video –

Nike sneakers, Lululemon: America’s new economy | Reuters Video – Welcome to America‚Äôs pandemic consumer economy: Instant coffee, Lululemon yoga pants and Nike Air Max sneakers are all in, Burberry luxury trench coats are out. This report produced by Yahaira Jacquez. Read More… Read more
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10 Min Power Yoga Flow | Yoga To Blissfully Set Yourself & Your Day Up For Success

A 10 minute yoga class for strength, grounding, and to feel great. This Boho Beautiful vinyasa power yoga flow is focused to help you set yourself and your day up for success as quickly and effectively as possible. Through blissful sequences of asanas and breathing you will reconnect with yourself, get your blood circulation flowing, [...] Read more
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